Resources about the American Revolution

Read about the American Revolution at the The

View some maps, watch videos, and list to audio clips at The American Revolution and Its Era: Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies, 1750-1789. Additional maps can be found at the Hargrett Library Rare Map Collection. Some letters sent by various people duing the war can be read here.

Think James Bond is great spy? Read about some of the real spies of the Revolution at Spy Letters of the American Revolution -- From the Collections of the Clements Library, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

PBS's LIBERTY! documentary on the revolution.

Take a virtual tour of revolution. Or visit some of the battlefields in person.

The uniforms of the revolution.

Also interested in your heritge? Perhaps you are descedant of someone who fought in the revolution.

You remeber all those history lessons from school, right? Try some triva questions and see!

Think men were the only ones who fought in the revolution? Better think again.

Nation Societies of the
The American Revolution portal.

Learn more about our Star Spangled Banner and read the ORIGINAL Lyrics to our National Anthem.

Hear some British Loyalist songs and poetry.